A humble and heedfulness person who has faith in Dhamma attains wisdom.

Let go of laughter, gossip, lamentation, malice, deceit and pride and move about with a steady mind.

You should examine your mind, words and actions every day.

The one who steals the property of others in the village or in the forest is considered a wicked person.

Man’s karma follow him like a shadow that never leaves him.

We should be compassionate towards all living beings.

The advice given to a man who indulges in adultery becomes ineffective and he follows the wrong path.

One who does good deeds gets happiness, one who does bad deeds gets sorrow.

Seeing the origin and cause of sorrow, a man should not create attachment

The result of karma is not destroyed, the doer gets it.

Virtuous gets many friends by restraint.

Speak such words that neither hurts yourself nor hurts others.

The greatest wealth of man in the world is faith.

Happiness is attained through the practice of Dhamma.

A person who has a desire to ‘get happiness’, should remove sorrow, greed and sadness from his mind.

A person with a lot of wealth takes advantage of it alone, then it is the cause for his downfall.

Friends who are takers, flattery, tempted by words, and bring ruin, they are false friends.

One who helps, lives in good times and bad, gives good advice and is compassionate, is a true friend.

A good friend is the one who behaves equally in all situations, rich and poor, happiness and sorrow, success and failure.

Wise people praise the virtuous deeds done.

Just as gems cannot be mixed with any other substance, in the same way should not be mixed with bad friends.

Just as the sun removes the darkness, in the same way the darkness of attachment, malice, pride and all bad conduct should be removed.

One should never do any evil deeds with body, speech and mind.

Just as a tree does not discriminate in giving its shade, similarly all people should be treated equally without any discrimination.

There is no such way by which the born creature does not die.

Just as there is always the fear of early fall of ripe fruits, similarly born human beings have the fear of death.

The fool is like an empty pot, the wise is like a full lake.

Health is the best benefit and satisfaction is the best wealth.

One who is under the control of craving, his sorrows grows like the grass of the rainy season.

Never insult anyone. Do not wish for the suffering of others out of enmity or malice.

One who, despite being capable, does not take care of his old parents, is a wicked person.

There are many kinds of miseries in the world, they all arise because of attachments.

Do not get distracted by condemnation and not be proud of praise.

Abandon violence towards all beings in the world.

Only speak the truth, do not lie.

The Eightfold Path is superior in the paths. The Four Noble Truths is superior in the truths.

It is pleasant to serve parents in the world.

Speak such a speech that neither yourself suffer nor other people get hurt.

Being alone is better, friendship with a fool is not good.

A person who commits violence to other creatures is deprived of happiness.

Just as jasmine’s tree leaves the withering flowers, so leave the lust and hatred.

Restrain yourself, just like a merchant controls a horse.

Hurry to do virtue and keep the mind away from sin.

Those who are constantly engaged in bad karma are condemned.

Even if there is no money, a wise person really lives . The rich man does not really live by not having wisdom.

A fool who does bad deeds does not understand the ill effects that come later, bad karma has bad consequences.

No person is superior by showing off the outside, only someone is superior by internal purification.

Neither praise of self is good nor condemnation of others.

Just as a human being drowns in the ocean by boarding a small boat, similarly, a good person is drowned by being in the company of lazy.

Ignorant people do not think that we will not live in this world. But those who think about this, their all disputes become peaceful.

Know your welfare and observe Buddha’s teachings.

Those who rejoice in happiness and receive despair after finding sorrow, fools who do not know the truth remain unhappy in both situations.

The virtuous have many friends by his restraint. The Vicious is remain deprived of friends by his conduct.

The vicious man receives blasphemy and slander. The virtuous always receives fame and praise.

The Noble Eightfold Path is welfare, destroying suffering.

By hiding the demerits, they grow, by revealing the demerits, they do not grow. So reveal the demerits, they will not grow.

It is very cold, there is too much heat, in this way those who postpone their works leave their opportunity behind.

Whatever deeds a man does, good or bad, he becomes the heir of his deeds.

Those who torture others and give grief by many other wicked deeds, they themselves get that position, because the result of the karma is not destroyed.

He who does not express anger on another wins a fierce battle.

The conscious who becomes calm after seeing the other in anger, he does good to both himself and the other.

It is easy to see the faults of others, but it is difficult to see the faults of ourselves.

It is pleasant to serve parents in the world.

At the end of life, virtue is pleasing, destroying all sorrows is pleasurable.

The person who conquers craving in the world, his sorrows falls off in the same way as the drop of water above the lotus.

Affection creates mourning, affection creates fear, a person free from affection does not grieve, then where will the fear come from?

Restrain speech, restrain the mind and do no sinful deeds from the body.

It is pleasant to have friends on help, it is happy to be satisfied with what you get.

It is better to be alone, friendship with a fool is not good.

A person is not wise by speaking a lot, who is forgiving, free from hatred and fearless, is called a wise.

The destruction of craving conquers all the miseries.

Just as an elephant in war tolerates arrows coming out of the bow, similarly I will tolerate harsh words, because there are many vicious people in the world.

One who does not serve the old parents even if he is capable, is the reason for his downfall.

Like a treasure-showers, one should associate the one who shows the blame, because by associating with them, there is welfare and not bad.

They have no bond, who have neither dear nor unpleasant.

Do not associate with pleasant nor do you ever associate with the unpleasant. It is painful to not see the pleasant and it is also painful to see the unpleasant.

I will live here in the monsoon, here I will live in the winter, I will live here in the summer-such a fool thinks, but does not know the dangers of his life.

Just as a goldsmith removes the impurity of silver, similarly a wise person removes his impurity a little by little at every moment.

Even if the vicious people are close, they do not look like arrows left at night.

The virtuous are illuminated like the Himalayan mountain even after being away.

The impurity of the mind of a person increases, who sees the faults of others and gets irritated by others.

There is no place in the world where the consequences of sinful deeds can be avoided.

Whatever knowledge a fool has, it is for his evil and it destroys the goodness of a fool.

The wise man straightens the fickle mind in the same way as the fletcher straightens the arrow.

Just as iron rust originates from it and destroys it, similarly the evil deeds of the sinner lead him towards misery.

Craving creates mourning, craving creates fear, a person free from craving does not grieve, then where will the fear come from?

One single day life of virtuous and meditative is better than a hundred years of life of a person with vicious and fickle mind.

The sinner, seeing his sinful deeds, mourns in this world and even after death, suffers.

One useful verses is better than a thousand verses of meaningless, which one can get peace on hearing.

It is better to do good deed, after which you do not have to repent.

If you see the possibility of achieving more happiness by renouncing less pleasure, then a wise person should sacrifice less pleasure for more happiness.

Everyone is afraid of punishment, everybody loves life, understanding everyone like himself, neither kill nor inspire anyone to kill.

In this world, there was no only condemned or only praised man, neither would be, nor is there.

One who lives in the company of fools mourns for a long time, the association of fools is as painful as the enemy.

Everyone is afraid of punishment, everyone is afraid of death, that’s why knowing everyone as yourself, neither kill anyone, nor inspire them to kill.

If a person commits a sin, do not do it again and again, do not indulge in it, because the accumulation of sin is painful.

Do not pay attention to the opposing words of others, nor look at the deeds of others, only see your deeds.

Whose evil deeds are covered by good deeds, he illuminates this world like a moon free from the cloud.

The wise man who is restrained by body, speech and thought is completely controlled.

No one is superior or inferior by birth, by virtue of karma one is superior and inferior.

A wise man who wishes for his good must forsake the wicked, just as people turn away after seeing a poisonous snake, should be engaged in own welfare.

It is not good to do the deed, which you have to regret after doing it and suffer the consequences with tears and sorrow.

If you do not find a friend who is superior to you or equal to you, then remain firmly alone because the association of fools is not good.

One who honors the elders increases his four things – age, beauty, happiness and strength.

One single day life of a hard worker is better than a hundred years of lazy and dull life.

By giving grief to another who desires happiness for himself, that person lying in a rage cannot be free from hatred.

Someone wins thousands of people in a war, but even better than that is the one who wins himself.

It is easy to do bad things that harm our own, but it is very difficult to do that which is good and beneficial.

Do not associate with bad friends and do not associate with unrighteous men. Associate with good friends and associate with good men.

Health is the best benefit, satisfaction is the best wealth, faith is the best relative and Nibbana is the best happiness.

It is good to do that deed, which does not have to be repentant after doing it and it results receives from a happy mind.

Just as a solid mountain is not shaken by the storm, likewise, condemnation and praise have no effect on the wise man.

Sandal, lavender, lotus or jasmine, the fragrance of virtue is exquisite from all these fragrances.

Just as many garlands are made from a heap of flowers, similarly humans should do a lot of virtue.

Respect, humility, gratitude, listening to Dhamma on due occasions – this is the highest blessing.

Hatred never calmed by hatred. It is calmed by non-hatred – this is the eternal rule.

The virtuous man is happy in this world.He is happy when he thinks of the good he has done;he is still more happy when going on the good path.

If a fool stay with a wise man even all his life,he will know the truth as little as a spoon know the truth.

Let a man win anger by love,let him win evil by good,let him win the greedy by liberality, the lair by truth.

If man does what is good,do it again and again; let him delight in it.Happiness is the outcome of good.

All the perfumes, even those of sandal, lavender, lotus or jasmine are not to be compared with the fragrance of the excellent life.

To have much learning, to be skillful in the handicraft, well training in discipline and to be good speech-this is the highest blessing.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

A man is not called wise because he talks and talks again; but if he is peaceful, loving and fearless then he is in truth called wise.

To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one’s own in the midst of abundance